Sunday, July 21, 2013

Updating everyone on Ruthie's Kingdom

Life has changed so much for me in the past few years going from working 24/7 in sales, going through a divorce (he cheated) and starting over remarried now living on a backyard farm and running my publicity projects at home, and social media gigs..  Clay and I are one and are pulling all of our efforts together now. It is a beautiful thing to see how God is pulling all of this together. If you go to the side bar you will see our home blog and all our other efforts are all over the net if you have a fun place you like to be that we are hosting. You can reach us anytime immediately on twitter at @R47R and our home blog should keep you updated on the recent happenings.

We have many great things in store. Our goal is to train and teach other people to live a healthy, fun, well balanced life through savings, coupons, learning skills you may enjoy crocheting, how to blog, do publicity, build thing, etc.. techie stuff , etc.. as well as interviews, sharing products , etc...

Be blessed and I hope that you continue to follow this blog and subscribe to our new blog as well.


okay, I am going to tell you a couple secrets! I can't ride a bike.. and I weigh 203! 

I am on a diet and I want to lose a good chunk of my weight this year... It would be awesome. I don't know how I got this big.. but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? I also love this idea for the bike.. I would like a big old tricycle though and then it would probably be a great way to mow the lawn.. Clay can build about anything.. but he knows me .. I would do that project once and then be in the house blogging or something! or running around feeding the rabbits and gardening!

So what do you think of this bike?

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