Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Think Spring PR TOUR

Win some new flooring


Think Spring PR Tour....

We are well on our way on our PR tour for spring...

Checking out great products for you, events, ideas, etc....

Let's talk indoor plants...

Gather your plants together and give them a fresh spring look..
 I am going to take my plants ALL outside for the summer and let them grow.. If they get too big for the house as I have a couple of palms, etc.. at the end of the season plan on donating them to a Senior Center or church or sell them in a yard sale and will bring in all my other plants. You may want to repot these if you are planning to move them back in or even plant them right in the ground. I love to garden and am always open to new ideas and not afraid to switch things up a bit... as at the end of last summer I took in a few marigolds for kicks and bought 3 Christmas plants this year for 2 cents each at walmart and will put them outdoors in  hopes of reblooming them... but I think they may get huge...but if so... donate them!

Spring is right at the door so Think Spring!

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