Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craigslist - Your grocery money

With the economy being the way it is...

Many people have gone to extreme couponing...taking any job they can find, etc.. to survive during this down turn in the economy with the jobless rate being sooo high....

Don't get discouraged you probably have a grand supply of money right under your nose...Look around your home and put on Craigslistall that unwanted junk and make someone else's day and use that extra money to purchase newspapers for coupons or to get cash to purchase groceries with.

Start for kicks taking 2 hours a week and listing anything that you would like to sell and see what this does to help your family. The Fortune is in the follow up so start listing and select a day when you can meet up with people to purchase from you. Be a part of the movement to buy everything as much as possible second hand or on sale.

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