Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tommorrow morning
we are saying bye bye to our cable TV. Although most likely internet videos and TV shows will merge. We are in that transition period and we figured to save more money and be frugal we would dump our cable. We did call the cable company to see if they would lower our bill and the only way that could be done is if we took their landline and we only would have had a $4 savings and we don't have a Landline.. it seems silly when everyone has cell phones.

We really have no need for cable anymore...much like when everyone gave up their landlines for cells. We watch most thing on You Tube and even the shows we watch on TV are all on the internet so why bother with TV?

We are even talking of getting rid of my iphone an doing something a little more frugal. With my new job it really isn't necessary as I live 5 min from my job and can be online in a flash at home. So why not just get a cheap phone off my husbands plan. We still will have TV like in the old days only with a few more channels. I will tell you how it is going.

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