Friday, March 9, 2012

LOCAL REVIEWS - March Challeng

March Challenge

I wanted to challenge all of you, who are doing Product Reviews to do some reviews with all the companies that are in your local backyard. I know that I have people locally and from all over the world following me and thought it would be fun during the month of March to do some reviews for the locals :)
I live in upstate New York between Syracuse and Rochester so there are lots of great businesses I have done business with that I would love to share with all of my friends. I still want to encourage you to do your regular reviews but add the local people to it along with any local services, authors etc... This will be fun to see the businesses and who knows maybe you can give the businesses a nice jump start if they don't have a blog etc... you can make one for the business and ask them to put your blog button on their new blog?
Enjoy the fun and I am looking forward to reading all the reviews from the blogs I enjoy reading. If you would like to be part of my reviews for March please phone me at 315-439-7027. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tommorrow morning
we are saying bye bye to our cable TV. Although most likely internet videos and TV shows will merge. We are in that transition period and we figured to save more money and be frugal we would dump our cable. We did call the cable company to see if they would lower our bill and the only way that could be done is if we took their landline and we only would have had a $4 savings and we don't have a Landline.. it seems silly when everyone has cell phones.

We really have no need for cable anymore...much like when everyone gave up their landlines for cells. We watch most thing on You Tube and even the shows we watch on TV are all on the internet so why bother with TV?

We are even talking of getting rid of my iphone an doing something a little more frugal. With my new job it really isn't necessary as I live 5 min from my job and can be online in a flash at home. So why not just get a cheap phone off my husbands plan. We still will have TV like in the old days only with a few more channels. I will tell you how it is going.

Start your Mary Kay biz now...if you dont have the money I will help you.

 I will be happy to help you if you are going through a didifficult time I will be happy to help you get started with Mary Kay plz call me at 315-439-7027

How to have a top selling Mary Kay class

 As a top seller in all of my ventures for Lazboy, Avon, and now Mary Kay I am looking for women and men who would like to join m  Please ohone me at 315-439-7027


I f you would love to sell Mary Kay man or woman please contact me Ruthie Pople at 315-439-7027

Anywhere in USA looking for 10 people

   I am looking for 10 people who would like to book a show with me anywhere in the USA call me at 1-315-439-7027. If you are interested in becoming a Mary Kay Consultant I would love to train you to do what I do. If you are a Mary Kay sister already I would love to help you expand your busines. I used to be one of the largest recruiters for Avon and have gone Mary Kay. Please phone me at 315-439-7027 and getin on the ground floor of my growing empire.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coupon Workbook!

Cool, writing a coupon workbook and you can read and study it right online ....

Ck it out at who needs a kindle when you can read it right online via your computer?

Please spread the word to your friends to join you in couponing!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ex Mob Member Confronts Jeus Christ Super Star

You will love this story!

Ruthie meets Black Sabbath lead snger

Here is my story on how I met Jeff Fenholt. I got a call from Jeff while I was working at Lazboy as a furniture rep I was and continue to do my PR biz and usually keep a reg job. What fun to have people that don't know what I do see their reactions... All said Jeff is a very real person and for real.

He holds the standards that the Word declares.

He has a beautiful testimony on you tube on how he was delivered and accepted Christ as His personal Saviour and now He shines the for the Lord. He was playing music with Black Sabbath and played Jesus in Jesus Christ Super Star... and then He met the real Jesus through contractors working on his home.. I will be posting his testimony. Jeff is so kind. You can friend him on facebook.

Meet the Real Ruthie Right here right now

Wow! Some of you met me during one of the craziest times in my life... but I am getting back to who I really am.. and Thank the Lord for this...

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour when I was 5 years old. I am a holy roller since way back when... dancng in th churc as a kid... yep, I am a tongue talking dancing shouting Christian and I am for real...not a poser...

I care about God and people. I am pumping it up a level through the drawing of the Lord... I know that many of you met me when I was coming outta the pit Psalm 40:2 ...

Now you will all see me on my stronger side... so I am looking forward to our friendship as we grow together :)

Like the Lord has told me before .... When I was weak, then I was strong... I could have gone on a drunk, a drug trip, etc.. but even though I have been through a lot... I Kept before me the Lord of Glory who always causes us to triumph.

So hang on and keep watching what the Lord is doing in my life... as He says we are epistles (books) in a sense that others read.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

PostStandar Syracuse NEW YORK Where did You get those PEEPERS?

I live in Central New York between Rochester and Syracuse. ....

One of the papers we read in our area is the Post Standard . They are doing a contest consisting of making art out of peeps...
For more on this story go to and tell them Ruthie Pople sent ya! Look in the events portion of this blog to learn more about upcoming events.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Tone Hair Color: Blonde on Brown: Hair Tutorial

Iam thinking of doing somehing like this to my hair sometime. I might get brave and try to do this one day. Any sugggestions?

Two Tone Hair Color: Blonde on Brown: Hair Tutorial

Iam thinking of doing somehing like this to my hair sometime. I might get brave and try to do this one day. Any sugggestions?

80 in your paypal Account please enter

hi guys was so excited about this event... and please ck back daily as I am trying to keep up for you all with all that is happening in my world and yours...

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craigslist - Your grocery money

With the economy being the way it is...

Many people have gone to extreme couponing...taking any job they can find, etc.. to survive during this down turn in the economy with the jobless rate being sooo high....

Don't get discouraged you probably have a grand supply of money right under your nose...Look around your home and put on Craigslistall that unwanted junk and make someone else's day and use that extra money to purchase newspapers for coupons or to get cash to purchase groceries with.

Start for kicks taking 2 hours a week and listing anything that you would like to sell and see what this does to help your family. The Fortune is in the follow up so start listing and select a day when you can meet up with people to purchase from you. Be a part of the movement to buy everything as much as possible second hand or on sale.

Alarming Intrview with Doomsday Prepper 2012

Here is my interview with Bubba Williams ....please comment and subscribe and help Bubba