Sunday, February 5, 2012

Workplace Bullying: It Can't Be Legal, Can It?

my series on workplace bullying continues.. it does effect poverty in america because workers are now after going on employment just an example... earn 1500 go on unemployment for 3 years get 300 go back to work as your unemployment is running out and you want to rejoin the work force... for 300 plus commissions you hope... and then face a hostile work force possibly everyone fighting to keep their jobs...

and being happy with $300 rather than no income and feeling like a valued part of the working force.

.... not necessarily the gospel...but just what may be happening to some out there who come back to work only to face the work bully... or new bullies arising from the drop in our economy with the mentality taking care of mine only family etc.. to survive and feeling satisfied with $300 after being used to it for so long on unemployment... feeling like we did it for a few years so now this is where I am for a few years until thing kick back... sounds a little like the grapes of wrath to me... the start up...

All said.. it isn't just in sales but I am hearing it is everywhere. Just yesterday Iheard how a girl was physically attacked in her job by her boss throwing a sharp knife at her some sort of cutter while she was working because her boss was upset with her. Tensions in some places are rising... and Work bullying is ILLEGAL!

If bosses think that silence is GOLDEN... did you know that if someone puts their leg up to prevent someone from say going somewhere that could be considered SEXUAL HARRASSMENT? Sexual harassment and bullying can go together... hindering someone from doing their job... not training them well into 2 months of hiring and training the newer people and loading them in the system BEFORE a previous one, holding people back from doing their job. Silence isn't golden. Also some owners will remain silent and the worker could be the fall guy and get sued himself. No one wins in work bullying. Just like a wise farmer if they have situations they DEAL with them... and 9 times out of 10 these problems can be resolved just by having owners not tolerate bullying and addressing the problems. Unfortunately there are a few owners who won't address problems they won't confront the work bully or just believe whatever the people say that talk to them instead of taking the time to find out what is really happening. The victim may approach them and they just HIDE thinking silence is golden and refuse to deal it. They don't go away... it is just a matter of time until someone comes in who won't put up with it and will take legal action and they lose a few good workers in the bargain and for what? Because they refuse to deal with the issues at hand. You are doing your company a favor when you say listen this is crossing the line. We all enjoy good relationships but when one person is getting bullied if you allow it you are just as guilty. All said ... I hope this is an encouragement to those who have to face the work bullying in your job. Why not share this blog with your co-workers and boss and ask them to start a lift each other up and sharing the good things about each other policy.


  1. My experience with bully bosses started back when I needed a job while attending college. I realized that the boss had a superiority complex and suffered from low self esteem so I ignored the bastard until I finally found a new job. In the interim, I organized 8 people stage a "walkout" which resulted in a work stoppage at the plant. This was very sweet revenge. This organized action cost me nothing in time and money on litigation fees. The Bully boss/owner lost control for a day, and the action also cost him thousands of dollars from a delay on a government contract. Maybe if I was total loser and had low self esteem like the "bully boss", I would waste my time too and find an attorney to sue the jerk. I am really glad I had bully bosses, it just reinforces my decision to be self-employed.

  2. Excellent idea. I am sure that boss had a good lesson learned that day. You may have lost the company money for a day... but hopefully they made him get some counsel and the one day with no work probably saved them millions if they got rid of the bully in all the good workers that can't perform at their best, or left as you did... who knows you could have been the next Top achiever for them... as you obviously have the discipline to run your own company. Hurray for you for taking a stand for right.