Monday, February 6, 2012

Where To Live When The SHTF

I have a lot of fun watching SHTF videos... SHTF

Now... there is like a whole movement of this on you gotta ck it out... and these people are FOR REAL!

Also... this is when you are very bored and go to the weird side of you tube...haaa...anyway.

This will help you with your vocabulary on this subject...

Extreme Couponer... not a SHTF but may watch videos to learn how to store food for their stockpiles

SHTF - SHIT HITS THE FAN... when the whole world goes to shit

Domesday prepper - people that prepare for SHTF

Zombies - Those that don't prepare

ZOMBIE ATTACK - when the people who didn't prepare attack the Survalist, and Domesday Preppers

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