Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is Workplace Bullying?

Are you being bullied at work? my heart crys for those who go to work daily and are tormented and picked on by those who have issues themselves. I hope this article encourages you as I pray for you as well as those who are my prayer partners pray for you as well. Here is part of my own story on work bullying... never reported most people who get abused at work I was just too nice.

My Dad died after being bullied by my older sisters who wanted money from him over a house he sold to my sister, I was in a major car attack and all that was left was my front seat, I went through bankruptcy, my ex husband now was physically and emotionally abusing me and cheating on me. I just left my own biz to get a job to leave my husband, and my dad passed away and in less than a week I started working full time in sales....

The work bully... why? Jealousy... I was a top performer an he was threatened. He was fired from his previous job for sexual harrassment. This guy even bullied customers ...old people. I had a customer tell me they refused to come into the store because he was sexually harassing them WHILE he was working at the store...

The bullying..... here I came in and IMMEDIATELY he started stirring up the sales floor , the office and everyone saying I ws a FRUIT CAKE, Why? because usually in most abusive cases ....they can't find anything you are really doing wrong so they do stuff... and PLAN to bring you down...ALL OVER MONEY... more... day after day... I was getting physically sick, yet I still kept working and making my numbers. To be honest.. the boss a man and the owner a man were WONDERFUL people... to me, when I really wanted to leave as my husband was so abusive at home that I felt like I just wanted to leave the owner said no, and wouldn't let me leave...and the next week he put me on unemployment as he knew he was selling the store and all the staff except the new staff who moved in from another one of his stores to work there... All office no sales staff remained.

So day after day, year after year... little pokes little digs... he would approach me too to bully other people on the sales floor to get them off the floor. He would share about how he was thrown out of the town office demanding his taxes to be lowered... I remember customers saying to me... I see you are working with *A hole today... as he was rude , and obnoxious. The worst day was the day he was picking on a old man yelling at him and the wharehouse guy and I ran to get one of the girls in the office to stop him. Of course he said it was the customers fault. He had a out going personality but he was a bully ... like in the schoolyard... He stirred up other workers to treat me in the school yard...his gang of croonies... One guy KICKED me in the butt, other workers would join in that I was stupid. Nothing real just the perception they heard over and over. In my opinion the more intelligent people who thought for themselves.. realized he was just a jerk and saw it for what it was. But unfortunately, like most people they didnt want to confront him and neither did I. The funny thing is ... my biz previously wasas a recruiter for a major company and I managed more than 1,000 reps, won awards year after year etc.. My sales were still good here and I was a top seller in the company along with the bully. I am sure for most of their lives the peopl that worked with me that were one of the croonies picking too because in my opinion they didn't think for themselves ... will always see me this way...but hey I think I did pretty ...good I suppose... all these things happened in 3 years...bankruptcy, husband, dad dying, etc..and during my grief from my dad passing ... I left the funeral and was greeting by the new job and work bully ...and abusive husband... I think I did pretty good and only by the grace of God did I go on.
All forgven...but wanted to encourage those who have work bullying. I blame myself for not going to the boss or owner who were wonderful good people to me. Loved me and praised me for my performance.

Why the story? With this economy I am very concerned about the workforce and bosses not treating their co-workers and help well...and trafficing people in and out ad not placing VALUE on human lives... I heard stories of PHYSICAL abuse by CO-WORKERS, disrespect, constant DELIBERATE BULLYING saying or implying youare stupid, you don't matter, you can be replaced... YOU AREN"T WORTH MUCH MENTALLY ABUSIVE... etc... workers FIGHTING to keep their job by BULLYING others for a buck. If you are a croonie supporting this distructive behavior ...STOP! Think for yourself... IF YOU ARE A WORK BULLY ... get some PROFESSIONAL HELP... If you are a victim of work bullying--- IT'S NOT YOU .... TELL SOMEONE EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING AND GET SOME WISE COUNSEL ... UNFORTUNATELY most of the time the bully has done so much damage with his croonies that they see you as a loser and incompetent and "CRAZY" that you should just wipe off the dust from your feet and find a company more worthy of you as your nature in my opinion is too Kind and sweet and rarely do companies get rid of the bully... the owners and bosses usually don't want to deal with them either...unless you have a great boss like I did and I should have discussed it, but I didn't want to appear as a trouble maker so I just took it.... day after day... year after year... like in most abusive cases they don't get better..they get worse, and many times the person being abused will over compensate...trying to FIX it and it only adds to the problem... by making the person seem even worse than before to the croonies who now are in full force picking on you as well. So YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE copy and paste this in your blog, subscribe to this blog... as I am going to address this topic a few times in my effort to STOP POVERTY IN AMERICA ! You who love the Lord please pray for this taint in our society .... REMEMBER YOU WHO ARE BEING BULLIED YOU CAN BE PITIFUL OR POWERFUL YOU HAVE PEOPLE PRAYING FOR YOU. PRAY FOR WISDOM.

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