Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updates on Ruthie Tour and I need U R HELP

Hey all, We have all dived in and are on the Ruthie Tour... Here are the updates. We are all in this together. I have so many people asking me for help that there is no way I can help them by myself. A little like American Idol here I see so much talent that goes to waste as they just don't know what to do, so let's help them for FREE and give them a great big push....

Our reward? networking and meeting some great people. Simple. Also during this tour I want to ask EVERYONE to do it all to stop Poverty in America... My request is different.. YOU CAN HELP ORGANIZATIONS...but along with that whenever you see someone in need bring them a bag of groceries, see if you have networked with someone that can help them. Maybe they are a musician and have a gig.. Why not donate some time and give them some shout outs about their CD or call all the restaurants that play music and book them a tour in your town? or call the radio stations to play their music, etc..

We can do more together than apart. My real name is Ruthie and Ruthie means a GOOD FRIEND and that is what this tour is about helping my friends and stopping poverty for free. If you want to be paid that is Okay but for me I am just trying to help my friends just so you know in case you run into people that have a talent have them join our tour...

More... right now I am trying to gather as many people as I can to join us to help in this effort... I NEED YOUR HELP to have people sign up for this blog ... I have big plans and so keep plugged in you can also follow me on facebook http:/ and feel free to call me on my office phone at 1-315-439-7027. This is a act of love as I am a lover of people and care about them as I know you do to.

So what are we doing on the tour... going on internet shows, radio, doing twitter parties, you tube shows, LIVE IN person show, tweet meets, we may not be able to do everything but we can do a lot. We can all join to give people a push by following them, subscribing to them etc.. Anyone that is helping you will be surprised at how your numbers will grow as you will find that by joining this tour you are going to make a ton of contacts for your biz, cause, fan base, etc.. plus as a pr, publicist, recruiter, sales rep...etc... I am going to TRAIN YOU FOR FREE right here on methods so if you want a career in PR etc.. JUMP ON...

Here are a few people I am working with right now..
Diva Patty
Junior of Junior's Wacky World - you tube
Rust the Must - You tube
talking to Jay Link about doing a show...
hoping to get Bill Zucker to do a Valentine's show... Everyone please ask Bill to do this, he did one before and it was wonderful.
I want to have all of us join the godfather of twitter Joey Giggles He has a wonderful blog radio show..
Cornerstone restaurant- in Red Creek, New York
Barney's BarBeQue in Red Creek New York
Monroe Wheelchair - Largest in New York

More people as this just started ....I am hoping to do more work with ...and get working with us...
Jolene Sugarbaker
Jeff fenholt
Susan Satmyr
Chris Pirillo
Mark Lane
Mark Franco
Ashton Kutcher- we are real friend
Tom Cruise...yep , we are real friends.
Rick Warren
Joyce Meyers
Joni and Marcus Lamb...
Danny Maynard of (I used to work for the Maynards- he's like dog the bounty hunter ...a little great person A and E want to do a special with him)
The Extreme couponers (many are my friends...great people...and they don't hoard they donate most of their stuff!)

and the list goes on and on...

All said do me a favor and hook up anyone you know that may want to be a part... people are busy but we can make a difference. Just a note Keep this all family as we want to be decent :) Have them call me or give me a intro ... I work for free and want to help them with free PR and to help stop POVERTY...more please contact every COMPANY you know and ask them to donate FREE stuff to you to help the Ruthie Tour and to donate the items to charity. YOU can take the items yourself to the local shelters. Please share when you do this or if you do a event so we can share with everyone the difference we are making. If possible give the items to people YOU KNOW who are in need. As right now unemployment is so high. God bless you and facebook it out, shout it out on twitter, tell your jobs, churches, to join this blog and let's get the Ruthie Tour rolling and I will give you updates as much as I can.

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