Friday, February 17, 2012

Online Lifestyle With Ruthie

Hey guys... I am big on blogging for a lot of reasons... which I will definitely do a blog on someday :) ... All said... you will enjoy this new blog I just made... ck it out subscribe commment , etc...

Right now I am hanging out the most on this blog right here.. what seems to happen is that with the free blog here at blogger once in awhile I get so big that it is hard for some to load the blogs...but good news... I just create a new blog and tell everyone to meet me there ...-----> and still shoot in some posts for those that don't  ... for the most part I try to be live on twitter at @R47R as much as I can as hands down twitter is the place to be...with tweet deck yadda , yadda,,, other good spots but to me it is like a great big phone text to keep in touch with the people I care about. Okay...

so since this blog (Ruthies Kingdom) is pretty much about my life etc... you will definitely want to stay plugged in as I am hoping to teach you a lot and to get on here with those movers and shakers .. the best in the world as well as to share all the goings on... Many times you will hear it right here first an then you will see the networks picking up the stories...etc..

I am just gearing up so ..... plug in and ck this blog everyday so you can be in the loop....which is going to be the ttle of my next post!

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