Friday, February 3, 2012

memories for all of us who have been on twitter for awhile...

My life in social media & Networking...etc.
sitting here relaxing, just had a customer leave who I knew from the local library very nice person. My day is running as usual wake up take dog out make coffee, play on twitter a bit, some days start laundry. Some days a mass of phone calls. Today my neice "RuthIe" also known by her real name
Natalie, returned a call I made to her as I thought she was already up. Ruthie and I hav been having a very silly time playing on twitter tonight. FAds are fun, like when we were kids and everyone played with CB radios. I don't know when the big blow out can come for the next social media gig but for now Ruthie and I are having a ball on twitter together. Last night we grabbed the GODFATHER and Twitter Hunk @Joeygiggles it was great because Joey was so much fun to play with. I was also happy to see that Ruthie was getting the hang of twitter. She is a smart cookie as she is a engineer in real life and is designing hospitals right now. I just love twitter it is so much fun! Natalie is @NatalieRuth1 on Twitter.
My friend Royal Barber is fast capturing a place in my heart. My friend on twitter from Toledo, Ohio area. Royal is my Jewish son on twitter and I have to phone him or me him every 4 hours to get my Royal Fix! He is @RoyalBarber Got me addicted to twitpic and I am hoping to skype with him, and he doesn't know it yet, but I want to play with him some on doing some broadcast stuff.
Yesterday, a friend of mine on twitter who is a Christian told me he wouldn't be with me much longer as he is going on to heaven. He was so happy he said to me WHAT ARE YOU JEALOUS? He has to goods and knows how good it will be to really be in heaven with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I also saw a tweet by another friend that said he was going to block all Bible Thumpers . I tweeted that cutie as I didn't want to lose him and let him know I was a Bible thumper he said he wasn't going to block me because he loved Lazboy. I sell furniture for Lazboy.
Now of course @BillZucker of twitter is locked in his vault still holding us hostage on twitter and now he is even beginning to get greedy as he is holding Toilet paper on Facebook too! Hands down..Bill Zucker is my favorite peep of all time and his music
what can I say..He's wonderful!
...In real life I need to contact my son's college and get him all enrolled and set up asap. He is Rust the Must of You Tube and does a lot of work with Junior of Junior's Wacky World on You Tube.
Meeting great people all over the net and there are a few friends on facebook I am hoping to connect with stronger if you are on facebook please connect with me there I am Ruthie Junior Yingst Appleby.
I was on yesterday actually I thought @JayLink_ of twitter who does the Jay Link show was going to do his show but he'd been off twitter for a long time and he's getting ready to do some touring so I am sure he had to keep his priorties in order and since as a sweetheart he was going to do a extra show for us so it wasn't his normally scheduled show, he had to take care of stuff that was pressing. Unless of course he decided to do his nails and put on nylons or something..then we are all gonna kill him! haaa,,, Anyway,,,I just love Jay Link he is such a sweetheart! The Rock Star heartthrob of twitter. - Jay's everyone's sweetheart xxoo hugs. You can't help but love Jay. It's his magnetic sweetness.
@FilmLadd I just love Laddy! I really really want to take the time to listen to his show he just did. I think it is
Facebook- I am hoping to really keep up on Ed Bassmaster of youtube and blog tv and Chris Pirillo - internet geek also Jeff Fenholt lead singer of Black Sabbath now singing for Jesus and a voice outta this world! My good buddy Jay
Link just signed up for yours trully's own social some love and join the fan club I set up for Jay there. I am hoping that people will check in there too as I will put updates there on Jay's activities.
---- But please stay active at
@TODHD--Todd David and @Kelsey_Grammer's social
this is where the action is AT!
Help me draw as many as I can to Great things are coming this way and this is where ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKING IS HEADING...DON'T WALK RUN THERE!
So.. there is the scoop ... on what is going on in my life at the moment. I wil blog more later. Chase me all over the net. But the fastest way to find me is on
Ruthie Appleby make me a friend...if you need help finding me... friend me on twitter
Ruthie Appleby
Social Media Princess

This was in my computer and thought you all would enjoy reading a old post. is my favorite as well as his show with @Kelsey_Grammer is hysterical. I get so excited everytime I get a tweet from Bill Zucker and I have a feeling in real life he is a ball as everyone that has encountered him in Hollywood told me how wonderful he is! I did get a few cool tweets from some people. Sometimes I get some really sweet tweets from Bill Zucker that are so humbling like today @R47R - That's me ..rules twitter! just so humbling as I think No, Bill that 's YOU! Anyway- Bill I am hoping in the next couple days since I have a day off I will be able to hear Film Ladd. still have a hard time??? then just go to and I will help you to get to


  1. Thank you for the invite Ruthie! Now a follower of your lovely blog =)

  2. Thanks Ruthie. Long after i've forgotten my blog, and long after my infatuation with Facebook has faded, still in love with Twitter, and the people i connect with here.

  3. Following and bookmarked :) thx!