Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Tyre Richardson

MEET ~~~~

Tyre Richardson AKA Re-ill was born in 1989. He was raised in North
Carolina. Hip Hop at first became part of Re-ill’s life in 2002 before
then he really did not listen to music at all, but he was soon drawn
into the Hip Hop world through battle rap. In Jan 2006 a couple of
Re-ill’s friends started going to the studio to record. Re-ill being a
dedicated Hip Hop fan was very interested in going with his friends to
listen and see how Hip Hop is created. Once in the studio Re-ill
realized very quickly that Hip Hop was something he wonted to be a
part of. Soon after Re-ill started investing all his time into
becoming a Hip Hop artist, he began writing and recording in Nov 2006.
In 2008 Re-ill started to try different music styles and began doing
pop he soon remixed Brittney spears “womanizer” turning his rap career
in a totally different direction. Then in 2009 Re-ill performed for
the first time and it appeared that he had a nature gift for
performing now, fully serious about making it as a Rap/Pop/Hip Hop
Artists Re-ill moved to Atlanta where he currently resides.

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