Friday, February 3, 2012

A man's gift makes room for him

Being Excellent....
In all that you do strive for excellence. Don't be 2nd best. Be the best. There is a Bible verse that says a man's gift makes room for him. Take the God given gifts that the Lord gives to you and don't just be good but like the good book says take the talents that the Lord has given you and add to them. The Bible talks about how God gave various talents and the wise people worked with the talents God gave them and made more talents the evil servant took the talent God gave him and buried it in the ground and did nothing with it. God wants us to develop the gifts He has given to us. Did you ever meet people that just had so many talents and were excellent at all of them. One of the things I enjoy doing is to pick a different thing each year I enjoy and to try and master that thing. It is excited to see all the little things I picked up as a hobby that have now been mastered to a higher level. And then each year I can build on these things and all these talents can get a little stronger..sometimes of course I forget stuff...but then there are life skills that I always work on Bible reading and my people skills as I know God has called me into sales. So become excellent in the area God has called you to work and pray hard. Remember a man's gift makes room for him so if you are the best of the best in your area there will always be a job or place for you no matter where you go.

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