Sunday, February 12, 2012

I treat people like their tricks

Seriously folks, if you want to be a success in business and in your life and marriage... treat em like a dog... I discovered this one day as I was glued to watching Sandra Dee on "If a man Answers" .... If you praise them when they come... they love seeing you... if you scold them they hide from you and think you are jerk. Just imagine ... you say to your husband tonight... Here Tommy, Come on Boy... come sit here in my lap and let me rub your head... then he takes the trash out and you say that's a good boy here is a treat and toss him a slim Jim...etc... If he's naughty NO JIM NO ...haaaa... anyway... it works...not to be funny ... but scratch them on their tummy, praise them when they show off etc.... may be a little offensive to some ...but get over it and crack a smile... we sometimes treat people terrible worse than animals... so try this for a change of heart especially if you are a BOSS treat your employees like sons and not slaves. They will respect you instead of whispering what a moron and jerk you are... haaaa no one wants to work for a self-proclaimed I am the boss obey me, obey me... and "CONTROL FREAK" or a sissy who hides behind his fall guy and won't man up and run the show... Why such harsh words because I want to train you all to have successful businesses...don't get angry get's a new day... this is part of my anti-bullying at work and treat your people like gold and this goes for your wives, your husbands, your kids, your friends, money, work, etc... trival ...put your effort into RELATIONSHIPS with those who are CLOSEST TO YOU ... they say average job stay is 4 years... LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND TREAT THEM WELL>>>TREAT THEM LIKE A DOG... YOUR SPECIAL PETS! Back to work... the bosses that have successful companies know the value of rich relationships at work... with the economy being down... we are in danger of businesses not treating people well and overlooking the right in the name of a buck. So YOU BE THE EXAMPLE AND TRAIN YOUR BOSS AND CO workers to be kind.

EXAMPLE OF A GOOD BOSS ----> I had a wonderful manager one time, she was tops. She would bring me presents, be professional, would treat everyone with RESPECT. Trained me to be as good as herself. Towards the end of her career ...we went out together as I was a recruiter and the company was going through some big cuts and putting pressure on people in her area. So I went out with her and got her her numbers as we working together. She cried. She was tops and retired and I am sure not much was done, but this woman impacted 1,000's of women, and TRAINED 1,000's of ladies to be a cut above the rest and to get rich rich careers in the sales industry. I applaud such bosses. The money was ok for her but she made her millions in relationships and I am sure for the rest of her life the people who she trained would gladly give her a deal wherever she goes at a deep discount... so was she really wiser than many? I think so. She treated me like a dog.

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