Friday, February 24, 2012

I am addicted to thrifiting

I used to be a young yuppie with a bag of cash and could shop anywhere and really not worry about the price tag... I learned how to shop the stores to get the most beautiful clothes at the best prices. I love dresses so right after Easter I would go into my favorite stores and purchase all the clothing I liked in my size at a deep discount... At Easter time they would put out the fancier clothes and when I got bigger (curvy) I began shopping at the beginning of the season to make sure I always got my size.

All said.. I have given it up for the thrift stores and goodwills... nice clothing many times venders outlet BRAND NEW THINGS and I found that this was the way to go... Like stockpiling for couponing...why not stockpile what your family will really use for the year when you see something great? Be smart don't purchase things that won't fit.

More on this.. I like to keep a a very small closet now... I only keep those things I am actually going to wear... Persaonlly for me I jut hte to store so much I can have 7 shirts and 3 pairs of pants 1 dress and 2 pairs of shoes and 1 for dress and that is It... I used to not be that way at all an had a closet stocked so full and then filled up both bedrooms... and I am talkin full walk in closets that were probably 4 x-s as big as most peoples...

Talking out of both sides of my mouth... bu the time you spend moving things, sorting, cleaning, and the space it takes up is a chore and I figure I am way too lazy for that so.... It took me years to get to this place... now my cosmetics... that's where I have a ton of stuff.. I figure if I look good... my clothes just needs to look good on me and I don't need a crazy closet anymore...

So save big at the thrift store ... don't worry about about the money only buy those things that look great on you and when something looks worn or you are sick of it just replace it. This way you always look great and don't have storage issues.

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