Monday, February 6, 2012

How to get FREE PR in the NEWSPAPER

This blog is about my kingdom...and I am into marketing learn how to market yourself for free right herelI was taught this 15 years ago... it's called PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS! I have done this for years and it works! If you are in sales...a business owner, etc.. get your staff t subscibe to this blog ... this is going to save you THOUSANDS as I share my publicity tips...

Most ... people WRITE their own press... don't feel guilty about it, It is what it is... so for example... if you are going to play the piano at the local Restaurant. Dig out your phone book ... and look for all the newspapers, radio stations, etc.. and then email them or mail them a letter. Example:
Dear Buckys Newspaper..

Please print the following PUBLIC SERVICE announcement in your paper:

Buck, an accomplished pianist will be performing at Joey's Grill on Saturday Feb 25 from 5-6 pm. Buck has played for the Brian's bowling Center for 3 months, and his speciality is classical music.  He has 3 children and his wife Wendy teaches volleyball at the Houston gym.
signed Buck Williams

You put the ad in every paper, radio station , etc.. within 100 miles of you. Do this every time you have a event. It's free and will bring you a greater following. Most places will let you send a photo as well.

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