Thursday, February 2, 2012

for God sake keep your pants on

My sister Patty was left by her husband of over 30 years for a 19 year old girl... This song has added some laughter to her... It was a #CHEATERFAIL as the girl dumped him..after telling my sister a sweet Christian girl she was more woman than her... All said... All the selfish people will get theirs some day as God says ADULTERS SIN AGAINST THEIR OWN BODY AND GOD ...and of course I had a friend recently tell me... that her doc said it's not aids 40 year old woman have t worry about it is all the other stuff like gonerreha...forget the spelling...just read on.. Divas and way hot decent guys... Like I always say UGLY people cheat...good looking people get hit on all the time... Just folks get yourself together have some respect and keep your pants on... Hey if you can't hear it from a wear deoderant, take a bath, etc... who is gonna tell you the truth.

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