Friday, February 17, 2012


<--- ME I am on twitter as @R47R

Listen up... I constantly have people I meet who need help, and there is NO WAY I can answer all my emails, facebook, phone calls, etc.. I REALLY REALLY want to ...but when God made the sun and moon in His wisdom time was created... and God says we should pray give us THIS day our DAILY bread...we are to live one day at a time... All said... God did give men like Evan Williams the wisdom to create Twitter... and he did give people like myself the wisdom and knowledge on how to use the internet and twitter... all said.. Twitter is not like anything else on the net. It gives you INSTANT acess to many people who can help you in is Way different than facebook  or any other social ave out there ...this is why so many copy cats, and so many big players use this...

I am reaching out my hand to you to say... Let me help you learn twitter and to introduce you to the best of twitter... those people movng the world with their thoughts and influencing what is happening. I am a part of that. God first, family second, and have integrity. .. Please, please ... follow me on twitter @R47R so I can help you hook up to twitter.  So many like me get on and it is like shooting a arrow in the dark they don't know how to use it so they get out as they aren't turning to the right channel they keep getting the fuzzies on TV (for those of us old enough to remember) rather than hit the news or right people that can help YOU FOR FREE etc.. ebayers, craiglisters, facebookers, networkers, people who want to chat cats, etc...
You don't need to pay for classes for lots of things if you network with the right people...

All said Twitter is fun if you have a friend take your hand and say ...okay... let me bring you to the party and introduce you to everyone.. so  follow me and let's get started... it's a lot easier I signed up for twitter and dumped out 3 x's before I found out from @KeeperofDreams that it is all about placement, and then met @BillZucker the poster boy of twitter,  etc... and other great people like @Joeygiggles and joined the larges family on twitter... enjoyed friendships with people like Jay Link and went on his show on Kelsey Grammar's network...and then of course I have other friends etc..  found out about twitter parties which people pay around $1,000 an hour for... met some of the greatest closest friends in the world... Royal ! have many personal great great celebrity friends, manybiz friends, CEO, yadda...yadda.. it was great because I already had contacts from my own personal PR biz..but twitter put me in a whole new place... even though I had already been doing things online for years... Ruthie News, training sales people... and working with PR ... (Twitter was a game changer for me because it made things more fun and simple) No one owns me and I keep it that way... If someone gets too close I usually will pick up a new biz as my heart is to help the people for FREE not to make a bunch of cash... the people are worth more to me in networking. Let's face it if you have no tuna... and Chicken of the Sea sends you 16 products...which they did... to me that means a lot more than money...I know it sounds strange...but I like the sport of it all...meeting the people and learning about life... and having that abundant life.. Yep, twitter is all that and a bag of chips.. I can hardly wait to get to heaven and see what God has for me as far as a twitter type thing to play with...He's cool like that you know. All said don't get behind the 8 ball...twitter has been HUGE with those in the know and now it's finally catching on to other people... as is some more things which I will be sharing soon... follow me TODAY on twitter ...go to get a account and search @R47R follow me and then tweet me to help you ...:)


  1. Actually....get on Pinterest!

    You would KILL IT on Pinterest and pinterest gets millions of hits daily with 97% women demographic. I PINNED a few of your blog posts and tweeted them. All eyes are on you baby!

    1. cool... I have been hearing more and more about this site :)