Friday, February 10, 2012

bee keeping ... fun to learn

I meet so many interesting people in my travels, I met the ownersof Pimm's sheep Farm the other day.. and Dale told me about owning bees and a littleabout sheep keeping. It was really interesting. My son is allergic to bees and we discussed eatting local honey etc.. here is a great video about bee keeping. Pure honey and meat sheep are a great way to stay healthy.


  1. Thank you for sharing! When I was a cub I watched a construction worker hit the largest hive ever found in north america with a bull dozer and couldn't help him as he was stung by more than 75,000 of the little devils. So no love here for the infernal creatures! I do occasionally get a chance to snitch a snack from small hives in the wild, but as you know, we grizzlies try to keep it simple: bark, berries, nuts and the wild salmon. I'll send you my recipe for bat snacks if you're interested - ognicco