Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Join me in my effort to stop poverty through sharing about anti-bullying? How in this economy there are some employers who feel that people are replaceable ... THEY AREN'T they allow work bullying ! Work bullying actually is part of this bad economy as people go back to work making less and put up with more.

Not only is this effort helping to keep people on the workforce making a fair wage but it is also helping people to STOP BULLYING that is taking place at the workplace during this economy as so many are concerned about keeping a job once they find one and may put up with something they normal would walk from and find a better job.

The video shares some of the emotions that take place with individuals who have to deal with work bullying.

Another TRUE case of work bullying...

A manager was bullied by her store manager and the "GIRLFRIEND" of the MARRIED store manager.
It was a nice paying job but the girlfriend and STORE MANAGER TURNED IT INTO A HOSTILE work environment by the DELIBRATE REPEATED BEHAVIOR... On purpose they hired the brother of the girlfriend to just sit and do nothing to annoy the manager. They picked, picked, picked, to the point where this once classy and upperscale boss lady stood at the counter screaming and she had a rash all over her face. Would they stop NO! They just picked picked picked until the manager quit after many year of working at the store. The good news is the OWNER fired both the manager and the girlfriend. But by then the manager had just moved on and had other employment. I applaud the Owner who took care of the situation and didn't cower and hide but stood up for what was right.

If you are experiencing work bullying you are not alone. If you are a work bully get professional HELP! If you are a croonie...someone that got suckered into helping the bully pick ...like on the school yard... STOP...you may put yourself in a legal lawsuit if the victim decides to take it to another level. Remember the victim is almost always telling her friends, family, etc.. and YOU SHOULD ...any type of abuse SHOULD be exposed. TELL YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS. Get wise consel on how to handle it. If you have a wise owner that is usually the way to go. Bypass everyone and go right to the top, if he won't listen he's a fool as he will most likely get to add that to his list of lawsuits that he probably has already for thinking things just magically resolve themselves. Usually a simple knock it off to a manager will wake her/him up as they probably most likely are bullying YOU because YOU are smarter than them and they don't want you to get THEIR JOB, or they just have control issues... OBEY ME EVERYONE, not realizing that people don't respect that type of auhority and walk away thinking they are a jerk. Great bosses treat their employees like their kids not like slaves.

Enjoy and please subscribe comment and share this post all over the net and keep reading as do my series throughout this blog on Work bullying. Help me stop this in the workplace... start a anti-bullying, no put down policy at your job (don't give it to a bully to man it up!) And remember happy joyful rich relationships make a business grow, scared, tense, upset workers do the opposite and remember they have friends and family that they are sharing with about the workplace so if you want to keep your company in the green and your job...Help your company grow by keeping a good morale among the workers. Again please share this blog wth your co-workers, bosses, etc..

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