Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 signs you work for a bully boss

Are you being singled out? falsely accused of errors?

Work bully case example:

Computer kept breaking down at a work place... so work bully #1 kept blaming all the computer problems on one victim even though bully#1 worked on all the computers. ....

Work party during the Holidays but the victim had to work on paperwork all day

Was told repeatedly how stupid even though the target had been a top performer everywhere else

Employee felt sick, hated their job, and told friends and family (ALWAYS TELL ON THE BULLIES TO EVERYONE! ) ... but continued to stay hoping to find a new job but in the meantime had to stay to pay family bills

Sound familiar? Many people have experienced this type of behavior .... Are you being work bullied?

1 comment:

  1. there is far too much bullying still occuring in the workplace, the bullies seem to get more protection than the victois too!