Monday, January 30, 2012

Why this blog?

I heard you! I have so many people asking me for help ... so I said hey why not do it the easy way. I guess I am like God I love people and want to help them. This blog is about my kingdom... my friends and me. Our little hang out and because I am officially the girl who knows everyone ck out my myspace I thought why not train them all at once and introduce them to each other as I am helping eveyone get their names out there, kick off your businesses, teaching people how to do social media, how to not just be online but to get RESULTS, yadda yadda... All said don't just read this blog interact with it... bring your friends here too and practice ruling this blog in the chats etc.. the more you put into this the more contacts and leads, and FREE training you will get!!! So so many talented people out there, businesses who are paying thousands of dollars for information because they don't know how to get it and how to get OTHERS to work for them so they aren't running themselves ragged! Hey I am not getting any younger and this is my time to shine to teach everyone all my methods for free. I have had money and not I just love the simple life but to not help others who are so desprate for guidance just seems so wrong. All said roll up your sleeves check this blog daily and bring your friends here. YOU WILL need them as you go along you will see that this will only get your name out there more. I STRONGLY urge you to do what I do... don't just connect with the people here but MAKE THEM A LIFELONG FRIEND. I don't need money...My friends are there for me...and me for them.. I suppose I do need money ...but as the good book says a Man's gift makes room for him... Please read all the posts in this blog and connect with everyone.. send them a hi and take the time to meet them. HELP THEM by shooting out a tweet, subscribing to their blogs, etc... and get your friends to do the same... Check here daily and talk in the comments and I will be helping all of you as much as I possibly can... WATCH what happens to your biz in a year and see if this doesn't change your paycheck, contacts, etc... Enjoy...and the key today is networking with all the people on here so far have fun!

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