Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Those of you that have known me personally for many years will get a great chuckle out of this... This is what God has done to me.. Married to a cheating fool, and a little spoiled... I met someone as he say won't put up with my ____
all said... I hate housework, I love hair, shopping, etc... My love has made me into the woman I needed to be and I am happy and fulfilled Now who says God doesn't have a sense of humor... Imagine the fun as I was standing in a sea of chicken poop and asked Clay is this Poop or dirt? haaaaa This movie makes me think of us... Clay taking a girl and turning her into a woman worth having. Leaving the past behind, and choosing the good life. Those of you who know how much I hated house work have to be dying laughing as I would clean but it wouldn't be above me to suck up the table with the vaccuum haaaa.

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