Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi guys..It is finally happening the BIG DAY... WE ALL are going on TOUR TOGETHER and I NEED EVERYONE I know to get involved. I am officially known as the girl who KNOWS EVERYONE so why not help all my friends to get pumped by getting their names, biz, acting careers, music, or just sharing their talent or saying Hey It's me Joe ... I want to interview you and have as many online activities as I can with You all ... the goal is to help YOU increase YOUR numbers and to meet all my friends and vs/vs we can do more together than apart and I know people all over the world. my myspace... (yes myspace is still kicking.. ) In the process I will be teaching and sharing from my life too things that will help you. I am 49 I can't live forever but I can take some time and help you so when I retire I will have lots of friends still we ever really retire? I am a lot like God in the sense that I just adore and love people and all I would like in return is for you to network with me and share my blog with your friends and that you help someone else. This is actually in some ways a pay back to all that have helped me in the past as they told me the same thing...just help someone else... okay all said..

Check in daily from today on to see what activities are happening and who is up to connect with. Also get involved tweet this blog, share on facebook, etc...this is a group effort the more you put into helping others the more YOU will be getting your name out there. If you have activities, etc... tell me... we may all just hang with you for the day... Also see so many businesses and people that should just take their cash and set it on fire...they get PR people who have too many accounts and don't work them, they are so talented and they don't know how to market themselves or the RIGHT people to contact, yadda yadda... this is my gift to you...LET ME HELP YOU FOR FREE... stick with me during the going to school and in the end see if you aren't a champanion ...oh yeah, you may think free...well, let me tell you this... IT IS FREE TO MY FRIENDS...but those that aren't networking with me pay BIG BUCKS...some pay about $1,000 a hour for a online party..others pay 40,000 for their company sales reps to learn this don't take it lightly...Get your whole STAFF involved!!!! If you copy cat me...(greatest compliment of all ) Please invite us to join with you we can do more together than if you have activities let us partner...more contacts for you. .. Also there is a sense of urgency as I do hear rumors of networking groups, and online activities starting to charge etc... but who knows if that is a reality... but you never know..

One last thing... ALL THINGS on the tour are FAMILY RELATED... no adult stuff...... so join in... learn, have fun... be part of the family and Let's all network and go on tour with me... We are going to have a blast. It is THE RUTHIE TOUR for simplicity what I need all of you to do today is to ck in to this blog periodically to see what is happening and where...and to tell EVERYONE online and off to subscribe to this blog... more than anything after all the biz talk is we are going to have FUN...because if I am not having fun I am taking my cookies and going home haaaa

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  1. I am new to your blog, I found you on mystery and thriller book blogs.
    Looking forward to following you.

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