Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outfit Of The Day ans $110 savings

Okay... If you aren't doing the outfit of the day... YOU Need to join in the fun...I do these... and really need to start up my outfits of the day.,. last time I did VINTAGE outfit of the day and it was a riot! ...

Also join me as I try to save a million this year.. I saved today $110 - I will give you some running totals here soon on how much I saved so far...I also gave away about $200 worth of groceries
I was also given two huge bags of groceries from a friend...who knows I do this... I will donate some of this to shelter... all new in boxes...efferdent, etc.. so.... Join me in the fun... start saving and donate to families you know first and churches and shelters! So as you can see some coming in..and like a stream somecoming out...Join me in helping families as you help your own by saving a million!

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