Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My tiger is clapping

Wow, those that know me well are going to do the tiger clap .... Maybe tonight and in this blog from time to time I am going to bear a little of my soul to you. I suppose that is trully why through the years I have been blessed with some friendships that go down to the soul as well. You know who you are... Those of us that have cried and laughed together on the phone, on the net and in person. Why would you do a tiger clap for me? Well, I am realizing what really matters and what is bogus what I call WT ... waste of time... I am in sales and one of my statements is Where are you going to be 10 years from now? And now I ask myself that as well? I have had my time to shine ...and striving and pushing hard with integrity to go to places that some just wouldn't put the time in... most things you don't have to be the smartest rock in the box... you just have to be FAITHFUL ... really the key to greatness.. I was there 24/hours on twitter... I was there 24 hours with the ON button on with jobs , yadda yadda... and now... well.. I want to be there with softness and relaxing for those people I love and care about. Where do I want to be 10 years from now...20, 30... I don't want to be a AD .... I want to be a person... someone you can touch love and care for...someone you can hug, cry with ...ask for advice or vs/vs and to hang with those who are trully great and working on obtaining greatness...and in my opinion when it is all said and done...those are the people that want to be godly. Not pushing and shoving their way to the top and not caring who you hurt and lie to in the bargin...I know that many of my friends reading this...haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and keep reading my blogs and interacting with me... I know that you are opening up ... sometimes the pain in life just goes deep and there are may walls but let me share with you from time to time and meet others on this blog who will be like sweet peaceful water running over your soul. .. I have friends in the real world and some people I have met online... facebook friends who have prayed me through...and twitter friends who have held my hand... so tonight I just want to share with you... enjoy your life, be peaceful, do a good job ...but go for those things in life that really matter...stop and smell the roses... working too hard takes away the life of those that do it the Bible says and I refuse to do this ever again... a life vow so to speak. This is the first time in my life that I have been loved and wanted by a man.. my husband. I have to say it is bringing much renewed faith in God and man. I guess it takes years to make a masterpiece and God is doing a great work in my life.. It is a miracle all that God has done. My husband doesn't want me for my money, my beauty or something he can get off me... he wants me for me...and that is how I feel about him. This is bringing so much healing to me it is unbelievable. I am very fortunate that I have a beautiful family that loves God sisters and brothers and (except for 2 that are on the outs ) but God is merciful you know..anyway... Life is good and I just wanted to share with you all.. to keep reading a little of a downer here but not really ...just breathing in... saying wow... I climbed the mountain I am at the top... I see what is behind me...and looking forward to a peaceful trip on the other side. Many blessings your way please subscribe and share this blog with a friend that would like to know what it is like to grow up from being a princess into a Queen and rule the day :)

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