Saturday, January 28, 2012

My personal asst. Patty moved to New York

My personal asst. Patty moved to New York to help me in my businesses. She calls herself Hazel. I think it is because she takes good care of me Already since she arrived last nite now exactly 12 hours... she has sorted my paperwork, cleaned my house, packed up orders to be returned to one of the companies I work with, took the dog out in the middle of the night, did my hair, took the 5lb box of candy from me to help me in my diet, and told me what she was going to do...not vs/vs...and in generally she is going to make me a success and fed my chickens and she planned my day... All said Hazel belongs to me.. Patty is my Hazel. AND she took care of her personal business!!! In 12 hours and she slept and went to bed ! A little random here ..but you gt the point. To be a success be smart enough to have a Hazel... :)

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