Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meet Juniors Wacky World

Junior is with me for a couple weeks. He is a young comedian and is on tour here in New York. He has a few gigs going on in Utica area, Syracuse, Rochester etc... this week so look for him if you are in those areas. ck out his channel on you tube Juniors Wacky World. His agent and I will be happy to book him a few gigs if his schedule permits. Junior is actually my REAL nephew. So he does work with my son as well Rust the Must who does comic work on the side when he isn't working on his new career as a Graphic Designer. So in my PR biz I too have found some talent. Not a family biz just worked out that I discoverd some talent in the family. I just put my own son on as one of my clients as he turned 21. ... So connect with Junior and grow your circle of friends and networking!

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