Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lose weight with me please please

okay .... here I am alone all nite while my hubby is working so what better way to catch up on stuff in the house while he is it is 8:30 pm and I am cooking supper for when he comes home at 11 pm... all said...

It is time for ME to lose weight. I used to work at Weight Watchers in East Syracuse, New York in the office doing payroll. I weighed I was 21 and weighed 100 lbs dripping wet and NEVER had been on weight watchers...well, needless to say now I am 49 and I need to do the program... it is sooo hard with my busy schedule so online I go... Join me and let's all help each other get down to the weight we should be. I mastered the extreme couponing thing so I am sure I can master this weight watcher come on let's get skinny together... it's all about enjoying my life now...the rule of Ruthie's Kingdom (my kingdom God has planned out for me...HE is the KING OF KINGS YOU KNOW)

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