Monday, January 23, 2012

Learn to cut hair online!

Honestly, as a frugal girl why pay for stuff... You tube is your friend... You can learn just about anything on you tube. .. I think the key to getting a professional job on anything is to watch all the videos you can on the subject you want and then buying the PROFESSIONAL tools not toys to do the job...if it is car repair or hair... get the information, make contacts with those in the field ...ASK, ASK, ASK questions from the professionals and then PURCHASE the proper tools. ... all said if you are just cutting your own hair you tube may give you some great ideas! I prefer as I get older to do my own work...I figure I work with my own head every day... I have had terrible cuts and awesome in the past... now I just work with my own head... although I do get a good cut now and then ...but to be honest sometimes I feel like I am tossing a coin in the air... sometimes I get a great cut and sometimes as much as possible I want to learn how to do my own hair...

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