Monday, January 16, 2012

I extreme coupon

Everyone at work has been sick, I work at Barbara Jeans Furniture Mall in North Rose... this morning I don't feel so great...but it may be from a empty tummy...been up since before 5 drank a slim fast as I am trying to loose weight.. and of course I got a bunch with last week's b1g1 deal....

I haven't shopped CVS yet because I am new in my area and haven't gone that far yet.. so I definitely want to add them to my list of stores I shop...and I do shop a lot of do tell what great deals are you getting at CVS.

I have tons of blogs for a variety of reasons...but for a season I am going to try to meet up with all those who are trying to connect with me here on this blog so please do leave a comment even if it is just hey Ruthie what is your phone number... this blog is all about my little kingdom...or world so please subscribe and tweet and facebook this blog out as I am always striving to grow my following.
God bless

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