Saturday, January 14, 2012

I aint no princess I am a queen

Well, this blog is going to say a lot to you and I hope I share some great content with you. One thing I finally got is I was never born to be a princess but a queen! All this time I had it so so wrong. I was behaving much like the ugly duckling wondering why things were just so messed up...and then one day I graduated into being a Queen. I realized that even though I started out being a princess I was meant to grow into being a Queen much like Queen Esther and ruling the day. I hope you enjoy this blog and learn to rule your own kingdom as the good book, The Bible says. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He reigns over Kings and He reigns over me. Please subscribe to this blog and share this with your friends. I am a bit of a comedian and yet I can be so serious so I hope you gain some great insight into life, hey I am one year away from being 50 so I guess this is my time to share with the world all that really matters.

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