Tuesday, January 24, 2012

....Gone Redneck for sure...

okay... so I was ignorant give me a break? My friends were concerned with iphones, latest hair do and make up and thought if you were north of Syracuse you lived out in the sticks and maybe a little backwards.... so now I live in Red Creek , New York and have met so many wonderful people who I hope will be my lifetime friends. I think I am more redneck that anyone here. I love the trees, raising chickens, the country ways...these people are not rednecks which I found out was something different. But pure country... hunting, loyal to each other and good people...and smart. A lot smarter than most of the people I know. How silly I must have been like Lisa in Hooterville not knowing how to can, or what kind of animal is which... these guys know about the animals, etc... I am loving it. Everyone has been super nice to me. I love living here and feel so thankful to God. I look back on some of my thoughts prior and realize how ignorant I was. I really didn't think much of country living and if I had my way I would have moved to New York City... but at one point when I started to garden I did think it would be great to be a forest ranger or farmer.

All said is I am definitely starting a new life . I am married and Love my home, family and new friends. At work one day someone said I was snotty basically, and I felt real bad about it and cried...but now I understand that it is just the difference between country living and city living so I guess it is going to take a little getting used to at times. But I am trying really hard to fit in and to be the best wife for my wonderful husband who I just adore. I didn't know I would encounter anything like this, but I didn't realize how differences...and I know that even in other locations I have been a little more "with it" than those I have worked with... Always new dress, hair, nails done, and up on the latest happenings ...and pretty energetic and a go getter... People are slow and easy here and I am adjusting to this. So this video made me laugh at my ignorance but if you haven't seen the whole movie you should rent "OVERBOARD" sometimes the tough things make us... Kind of like that movie "FACING THE GIANTS" Like I said God has a sense of humor... I feel so good all my life it has been like Ruthie pays a maid because she's too busy working to clean house, or career before home life because my marriage was so bad so I put all my time in the trival - my job instead of HAVING A LIFE. Now my job is that a job...and my home is my Life... Like someone said COMPANIES DON"T LOVE YOU BACK... ..I work on my job...but it isn't the end all ...just a tool.. to help me help my family. So Life is good ...and I thank God for the good changes. I feel like a kid again...My youth is renewed like the eagles. I am loving life and have that life more abundantly that God talks so much about in the Bible... you know that eternal life that starts the moment you ask Jesus into your heart as your boss. He makes the past a distant memory and builds on you to be all that He created you to be. Clay has faith in me. He like this movie expects me to come to the plate... I do and now I feel great.

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