Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Marla Mase

Marla Mase is a writer/performer/producer/singer/songwriter from New York City. She writes songs, plays, monologues, short stories, erotica, blogs, and poems. She is known for her gutsy, sexy, raw performance style and her intelligent lyrics.

Her newest work, SPEAK is a genre-busting rock album with a mix of world beat, spoken word, funk, r&b, punk, and classic rock-n-roll.  It is very Mase — eclectic, provocative, theatrical, risky, and passionate – and as with all her work it has a  TRUE/SEXY GROOVE.

Her rock opera, A Brief Night Out  tells the story of a woman, having an affair, breaking-down, obsessing on war and re-assessing her life.  It is also the soundtrack to a theatrical version of the same story that has been performed around New York City with Broadway Veteran Martin Vidnovic playing all the male roles  and also as a one-woman show with just Marla and the band.  A  Brief Night Out (BNO), the show, is fast becoming an underground sensation and with this show it has been said that Marla is creating a new theatrical genre– Rock-n-Roll Theatre Noir.

Marla’s CD’s SPEAK and  A Brief Night Out, as well as Marla’s blogs  are taking the social-media world by storm and in the past year Marla  has gained a following, particularly overseas in the UK and Brazil. The opening track to BNO  “Things That Scare Me” is now  being played on over 250 radio stations around the globe and her SPEAK album is being played at over 100 college stations in the US.   She has been invited  to perform at various music festivals and is currently working on a  tour of Europe  for Fall 2012.

Marla’s  co-writer and producer is internationally renowned guitarist/recording artist Tom├ís Doncker They are now working on her 3rd CD, personal affairs, scheduled for release in the Fall 2012.

Marla’s play, The Canarsie Line directed by Kathryn Rossetter, ran at The Bank Street Theatre to sold out audiences in 2002.  Her play Man/Woman was work-shopped at the Abingdon Theatre in 2004 and is in the process of being developed through these Brief Nights Out (BNO is the shorter version of the full play.)

Marla has her MA in writing and performance from NYU, is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and is the owner of PARTYpoopers.com  and partySWANK.com where she has produced over 2500 events these past 18 years.

Most importantly, she is mother to two beautiful souls.  She is grateful for her life.

Please feel free to comment below and share how much you love Marla

Cutie Pie Pink Lucious likes U R VIDEO

here I am again...with Pink Lucious she loves Junior of Junior's Wacky World ... of you tube.

Real Alien Caught on Tape

enjoy watching as Junior of Junior's Wacky World and Rust the Must of You Tube work together.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Lucious needs a date

Tonite Junior of Juniors Wacky World is darning some new characters as he is teaching me ways to get more hits on my sites. fun, fun, fun... all I can say is... if you want to be successful you just have to try a few things... so what do you think of Pink Lucious?

SHTF Preppers 2012

Okay I interviewed Bubba Williams ... there is going to be a show about the preppers tommorrow nite. I pretty much pray and obey. If you haven't seen any of the SHTF videos on you tube... sometimes we just watch them for sport. But for the most it's like Y2K stuff.. People get worked up about things that tend to work out for themselves in my opinion. All said I hope you get a kick out of the spoof on this.

Why this blog?

I heard you! I have so many people asking me for help ... so I said hey why not do it the easy way. I guess I am like God I love people and want to help them. This blog is about my kingdom... my friends and me. Our little hang out and because I am officially the girl who knows everyone ck out my myspace http://www.myspace.com/RuthieAppleby I thought why not train them all at once and introduce them to each other as I am helping eveyone get their names out there, kick off your businesses, teaching people how to do social media, how to not just be online but to get RESULTS, yadda yadda... All said don't just read this blog interact with it... bring your friends here too and practice ruling this blog in the chats etc.. the more you put into this the more contacts and leads, and FREE training you will get!!! So so many talented people out there, businesses who are paying thousands of dollars for information because they don't know how to get it and how to get OTHERS to work for them so they aren't running themselves ragged! Hey I am not getting any younger and this is my time to shine to teach everyone all my methods for free. I have had money and not I just love the simple life but to not help others who are so desprate for guidance just seems so wrong. All said roll up your sleeves check this blog daily and bring your friends here. YOU WILL need them as you go along you will see that this will only get your name out there more. I STRONGLY urge you to do what I do... don't just connect with the people here but MAKE THEM A LIFELONG FRIEND. I don't need money...My friends are there for me...and me for them.. I suppose I do need money ...but as the good book says a Man's gift makes room for him... Please read all the posts in this blog and connect with everyone.. send them a hi and take the time to meet them. HELP THEM by shooting out a tweet, subscribing to their blogs, etc... and get your friends to do the same... Check here daily and talk in the comments and I will be helping all of you as much as I possibly can... WATCH what happens to your biz in a year and see if this doesn't change your paycheck, contacts, etc... Enjoy...and the key today is networking with all the people on here so far have fun!

Meet Dark BLU

The short version however is that I taught myself to play guitar in 1980, played in cover tune bands in my youth, got married in 1992 and retired from music, tried a normal life, got divorced in 2000, and after my father's death in December, 2006, decided to make my come back. It took a year (2007) to bring my chops back. Started a band called HAMMER OF FATE in 2008. From 2008 to 2009, the roster rotated, as I could not find serious, motivated, musicians to join my band. In December of 2009, I disbanded HAMMER OF FATE and started over.

I created a band called "DARK BLU" and sought to fill the roster but again, encountered unmotivated amateurs who did not posses skill, passion, and motivation that matched mine and in May of 2011, chose to operate DARK BLU as a solo act. I recorded and produced 34 original copyrighted songs, paid studio session singers to record the vocals to 4 of them, and released my debut EP and Single for sale vial online retailers iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, and Android Market. I am currently marketing and promoting my releases via my twitter account and my street team (@DARKBLU_CREW) and seek artist management as well as a hot female soprano rock singer to join me and make it a duo. We will hire a bassist and drummer for live shows. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. The rest is on my website

EVERYONE... read the comments below and chat with Dark Blu ... please share with us your website...how we may contact you for gigs etc.. ... I love Dark Blu on twitter!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everyone GO RED for Valentine's DAY


Join the fun and show off your RED hair if you are a natural red head or color... Anyone who loves to color your hair or wants to try it...GO RED with me for VALENTINE'S DAY to show your support for Families in Need.

Shoot out a tweet to me on twitter I am http://www.twitter.com/R47R and tell me you U R a red head for Valentine's day! I am asking all of you  to ask the stores in your areas  if they will donate their extra hair color to donate to the shelters to show the Love all during February. Join me in GO RED to show the Love. Contact the stores and distributers in your area to show the LOVE. Ask hair salons etc... to donate free hair cuts, coupons, etc.. to GO RED for families. Donate the hair colors to local shelters. This is a item that will help women feel more special by getting a new look. Everyone must know someone that may need a pick up ... if you personally know someone that needs a love touch ...go red for them and donate a box of hair dye to them. Spread the word... Ruthie's tour is going RED for Feburary!!!

Meet Rust the Must

My son Rust the Must is gone with Junior of Junior's wacky world for a few days...Here is a video they did tonite while relaxing just for fun. please subscibe to their channels and tell them you saw them here :)



Meet Gary Richardson Lead Singer

Wow Gary Richardson! What can I say but I love Gary and he's a good friend and has a big heart. Gary is the Lead Singer for Six Clan hero and he's loved by all who know him personally. This song he wrote about his friend that had a meth addiction that was slowly killing him. People are so quick to just toss hurting people away. Many of us have been touched by a friend who has a addiction to meth or other abusive behaviors. We need to just reach out and touch people sometimes. Join us on twitter and say hi to @GaryRichardson or @SixClan hero. Gary is one person who is loved by all of us who network definitely a great contact! subscribe to Gary anywhere you find him on the net. Tell him Ruthie sent ya!

Meet Juniors Wacky World

Junior is with me for a couple weeks. He is a young comedian and is on tour here in New York. He has a few gigs going on in Utica area, Syracuse, Rochester etc... this week so look for him if you are in those areas. ck out his channel on you tube Juniors Wacky World. His agent and I will be happy to book him a few gigs if his schedule permits. Junior is actually my REAL nephew. So he does work with my son as well Rust the Must who does comic work on the side when he isn't working on his new career as a Graphic Designer. So in my PR biz I too have found some talent. Not a family biz just worked out that I discoverd some talent in the family. I just put my own son on as one of my clients as he turned 21. ... So connect with Junior and grow your circle of friends and networking!


Meet Ben Robinson - Ben is a great friend and you can follow Ben on twitter at @BenRobbinson. Ben has been on Late Night TV and dedicated a song to me. He's wonderful and really sweet. If you talk to Ben tell him Ruthie said hi. He has a great agent too if you need to book him for a gig or contact me and I will be happy to contact Ben for you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hi everyone! Come say hi to me in person today --- I will be at Barbara Jeans Furniture Mall My home away from home near Syracuse and Rochester. We are having a chili cook off ... Already the word is out and a bunch of people will be filling the place... FREE chili for all from Barneys ... contestants are tasting chili and ... free beer tasting for those good germans like me that may just take a taste... I won't be tasting as I am working... but you know what the good book says a little wine for the stomach sake...but don't be a drunkard.... all said... Please say hi to me and join me live and keep your ears open as to where everyone is hanging out... come meet everyone who is on tour with us...some events live and some on the net. God bless.

My personal asst. Patty moved to New York

My personal asst. Patty moved to New York to help me in my businesses. She calls herself Hazel. I think it is because she takes good care of me Already since she arrived last nite now exactly 12 hours... she has sorted my paperwork, cleaned my house, packed up orders to be returned to one of the companies I work with, took the dog out in the middle of the night, did my hair, took the 5lb box of candy from me to help me in my diet, and told me what she was going to do...not vs/vs...and in generally she is going to make me a success and fed my chickens and she planned my day... All said Hazel belongs to me.. Patty is my Hazel. AND she took care of her personal business!!! In 12 hours and she slept and went to bed ! A little random here ..but you gt the point. To be a success be smart enough to have a Hazel... :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

On tour with Ruthie

Read down through my blog and go on tour with me! Junior of Junior 's wacky world just drove in from Arkansas. I have Rust the Must with me , Diva Patty and many more... be a part of the tour and let me know if you want to join in and take part in our tour....!

Icomfort at Barbara jeans

Here I am showing off the icomfort products. Which are sold at my job Barbara Jeans Furnitue in North Rose. Please feel free to contact me if you love the icomfort by phoning me at 1-315-439-7027 and I will be happy to help you any way I can.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hi guys..It is finally happening the BIG DAY... WE ALL are going on TOUR TOGETHER and I NEED EVERYONE I know to get involved. I am officially known as the girl who KNOWS EVERYONE so why not help all my friends to get pumped by getting their names, biz, acting careers, music, or just sharing their talent or saying Hey It's me Joe ... I want to interview you and have as many online activities as I can with You all ... the goal is to help YOU increase YOUR numbers and to meet all my friends and vs/vs we can do more together than apart and I know people all over the world. ..read my myspace... http://www.myspace.com/RuthieAppleby (yes myspace is still kicking.. ) In the process I will be teaching and sharing from my life too things that will help you. I am 49 I can't live forever but I can take some time and help you so when I retire I will have lots of friends still ..do we ever really retire? I am a lot like God in the sense that I just adore and love people and all I would like in return is for you to network with me and share my blog with your friends and that you help someone else. This is actually in some ways a pay back to all that have helped me in the past as they told me the same thing...just help someone else... okay all said..

Check in daily from today on to see what activities are happening and who is up to connect with. Also get involved tweet this blog, share on facebook, etc...this is a group effort the more you put into helping others the more YOU will be getting your name out there. If you have activities, etc... tell me... we may all just hang with you for the day... Also see so many businesses and people that should just take their cash and set it on fire...they get PR people who have too many accounts and don't work them, they are so talented and they don't know how to market themselves or the RIGHT people to contact, yadda yadda... this is my gift to you...LET ME HELP YOU FOR FREE... stick with me during the tour...like going to school and in the end see if you aren't a champanion ...oh yeah, you may think free...well, let me tell you this... IT IS FREE TO MY FRIENDS...but those that aren't networking with me pay BIG BUCKS...some pay about $1,000 a hour for a online party..others pay 40,000 for their company sales reps to learn this stuff...so don't take it lightly...Get your whole STAFF involved!!!! If you copy cat me...(greatest compliment of all ) Please invite us to join with you we can do more together than apart...so if you have activities let us partner...more contacts for you. .. Also there is a sense of urgency as I do hear rumors of networking groups, and online activities starting to charge etc... but who knows if that is a reality... but you never know..

One last thing... ALL THINGS on the tour are FAMILY RELATED... no adult stuff...... so join in... learn, have fun... be part of the family and Let's all network and go on tour with me... We are going to have a blast. It is THE RUTHIE TOUR for simplicity what I need all of you to do today is to ck in to this blog periodically to see what is happening and where...and to tell EVERYONE online and off to subscribe to this blog... more than anything after all the biz talk is we are going to have FUN...because if I am not having fun I am taking my cookies and going home haaaa


This week at Walmart U can get FREE RED HOT sauce at Walmart! I did go to the store in Clay, New York and I couldn't find any... so I may call the manager to preorder or to find out if there store is not running the deal.

I loved that this reviewer mentioned how to make this...as I do have a pile of hot pepper all dried that I can make some. but Frank's is my favorite...

Please subscribe :) I believe Frank's is made right here in New York in Buffalo.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

....Gone Redneck for sure...

okay... so I was ignorant give me a break? My friends were concerned with iphones, latest hair do and make up and thought if you were north of Syracuse you lived out in the sticks and maybe a little backwards.... so now I live in Red Creek , New York and have met so many wonderful people who I hope will be my lifetime friends. I think I am more redneck that anyone here. I love the trees, raising chickens, the country ways...these people are not rednecks which I found out was something different. But pure country... hunting, loyal to each other and good people...and smart. A lot smarter than most of the people I know. How silly I must have been like Lisa in Hooterville not knowing how to can, or what kind of animal is which... these guys know about the animals, etc... I am loving it. Everyone has been super nice to me. I love living here and feel so thankful to God. I look back on some of my thoughts prior and realize how ignorant I was. I really didn't think much of country living and if I had my way I would have moved to New York City... but at one point when I started to garden I did think it would be great to be a forest ranger or farmer.

All said is I am definitely starting a new life . I am married and Love my home, family and new friends. At work one day someone said I was snotty basically, and I felt real bad about it and cried...but now I understand that it is just the difference between country living and city living so I guess it is going to take a little getting used to at times. But I am trying really hard to fit in and to be the best wife for my wonderful husband who I just adore. I didn't know I would encounter anything like this, but I didn't realize how differences...and I know that even in other locations I have been a little more "with it" than those I have worked with... Always new dress, hair, nails done, and up on the latest happenings ...and pretty energetic and a go getter... People are slow and easy here and I am adjusting to this. So this video made me laugh at my ignorance but if you haven't seen the whole movie you should rent "OVERBOARD" sometimes the tough things make us... Kind of like that movie "FACING THE GIANTS" Like I said God has a sense of humor... I feel so good all my life it has been like Ruthie pays a maid because she's too busy working to clean house, or career before home life because my marriage was so bad so I put all my time in the trival - my job instead of HAVING A LIFE. Now my job is that a job...and my home is my Life... Like someone said COMPANIES DON"T LOVE YOU BACK... ..I work on my job...but it isn't the end all ...just a tool.. to help me help my family. So Life is good ...and I thank God for the good changes. I feel like a kid again...My youth is renewed like the eagles. I am loving life and have that life more abundantly that God talks so much about in the Bible... you know that eternal life that starts the moment you ask Jesus into your heart as your boss. He makes the past a distant memory and builds on you to be all that He created you to be. Clay has faith in me. He like this movie expects me to come to the plate... I do and now I feel great.


Those of you that have known me personally for many years will get a great chuckle out of this... This is what God has done to me.. Married to a cheating fool, and a little spoiled... I met someone as he say won't put up with my ____
all said... I hate housework, I love hair, shopping, etc... My love has made me into the woman I needed to be and I am happy and fulfilled Now who says God doesn't have a sense of humor... Imagine the fun as I was standing in a sea of chicken poop and asked Clay is this Poop or dirt? haaaaa This movie makes me think of us... Clay taking a girl and turning her into a woman worth having. Leaving the past behind, and choosing the good life. Those of you who know how much I hated house work have to be dying laughing as I would clean but it wouldn't be above me to suck up the table with the vaccuum haaaa.

Experience dating when I was at home

I love this clip... the funny part was my Daddy was that strict, and I was that little Westley that momma and daddy used to feel confident in, would make sure the young lovers who was my older sister couldn't cuddle up to close... Poor Patty when she dated she had a audience who was sure to be annoying to any dates that came over. It was a group date and the boyfriends had to learn how to entertain all of us. Now Patty is married and her husband a Pharamist both live in Arkansas. She is a grandma too. We talk almost every day.

My face is red at this book

Okay...when I need a vacation I just take a mental one...in a book or in a movie! Old movies and sitcoms put a smile on all of our faces. I hope you enjoy this.

Monday, January 23, 2012

growing out my hair and going color crazy!!!

I love the videos here by this wonderful 56 year old sweet lady :) I am 49 and will be going all the colors of the rainbow in my hair this year as well as grow it out.

Simple beehive look

Okay, I love this look ...and hope these styles continue!

Learn to cut hair online!

Honestly, as a frugal girl why pay for stuff... You tube is your friend... You can learn just about anything on you tube. .. I think the key to getting a professional job on anything is to watch all the videos you can on the subject you want and then buying the PROFESSIONAL tools not toys to do the job...if it is car repair or hair... get the information, make contacts with those in the field ...ASK, ASK, ASK questions from the professionals and then PURCHASE the proper tools. ... all said if you are just cutting your own hair you tube may give you some great ideas! I prefer as I get older to do my own work...I figure I work with my own head every day... I have had terrible cuts and awesome in the past... now I just work with my own head... although I do get a good cut now and then ...but to be honest sometimes I feel like I am tossing a coin in the air... sometimes I get a great cut and sometimes not..so as much as possible I want to learn how to do my own hair...

How To:Apply Clips to Hair Extensions

I hope you try hair extentions yourself ...life was meant to be lived!

Make Your Own Hair Extensions & Save $$$

I am so into hair this year...if you see me on the street... I hope to be wearing my own custom made hair... just ask... I will tell you if it is me or memorex haaa!

how to make clip in color hair extensions

Okay as a Interior designer and make up artist... I am definitely on the edge when it comes to fashion.... all said ... gotta make some of these!

THUMBS UP - Monroe Wheelchair!

I want to encourage everyone in New York to consider doing business with Monroe Wheelchair. Great company and many fans. The owners are real sweet people and are helping so may in the New York area. Syracuse, Rochester... You will love doing busness with Monroe Wheelchair

Meet my real son....

Okay this is my real son... Rust the Must who is a graphic designer and comedian...

Now that he is a college graduate ...I now will be working with him on his acting career...needless to say... we are cleaning up the act...so do subscribe and watch his career bloom .. He is also going to be joining the family biz and working behind the scenes to help other performers, businesses, etc..

I am introducing him into this Kingdom of mine and please network with him ...he has great contacts and will be a key person to add to your network of friends...and he will be on twitter soon!!!!

subscribe to his you tube channel he's Rust the Must!

airplane toilet trick

Well, today's topic is me potty as tommorrow the septic tank is being pumped...so read the last few posts, comment, subscribe and facebook and tweet out to your friends...this is a interactive blog for me and all my friends to network...f all those who are part of my life ... call me at 1-315-439-7027 if you would like me to blog aboutyou.

Toilets fireworks

so getting the septic tank pumped is giving me some ideas on how to surprise my guy ....heee heee...not really ...but look what these guys did!
talk to me on twitter and say hi at http://www.twitter.com/R47R

Ice in Toilet

had to clean off our back deck ... we put the deck over it so we'd never have to dig.

Introduction to Septic System Maintenance and Products

Getting my septic tank emptied tommorrow morning...so what do I do? I go to you tube of course as I want to learn all I can about maintaining my system as a frugal lady I want to save anyway I can and prevention can save a pound of cure...but.... I refuse to be like the lady in Frugal Gazette number 3 who uses cloth and washes them for toilet paper. It is okay if she does it...but I extreme coupon and only use Charmin as I have what I call Ruthie's brands... not knocking what she does... Hey who knows in the future but for now....

Our Blogging Tips & Advice

I use blogger.com right now for most of my blogs. I will be using all the blog sites I can this year and tell you about my experiences. Please recommend in the comments below. I am hoping to interview and share with you about all the bloggers I meet this year and I hope you network with me and all the great lifetime friends this year ... As you know this blog is about my kingdom and I am officially the girl who knows everyone and so if you are in networkng or have a business you will want to ck in here often to connect with my friends. And I hope to blog about YOU as well to introduce to all my friends. I figure it is easier and more fun to have you read theblog and get a intro to your new lifetime friends you are about to meet right here on my blog! So join in and be a part! please subscribe and share this blog with your friends what a better way to meet all your friends! Really you want to touch people not just gather tons and tons of names. So this blog is about me and my kingdom :)

What is a Blog? What is Blogging?

This blog is about my life, friends, etc..I really want to help my friends who are trying to get their names out there to consider blogging. In today's world if you want to be successful you have to "get over it" so to speak and put your name out there as well as your picture etc.. if you want to be reputable on line. Hope this video helps everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Joel Osteen -You Are Somebody's Miracle (part1)

These words are vitial to your life. please tweet this message out.

Lebanon PA

My mom and Dad met in Lebanon , PA and grew up there. ...It is amish country.

Come rent a cabin near me..enjoy the lake

Tons of vacation homes and cottages in the area ...ck out this one.

Please feel free to tweet with me anytime at http://www.twitter.com/R47R

Come visit me ...go camping in Wolott NY

Here is a clip of Cherry Grove camp ground. I live in Red Creek, NY and Wolcott is next town over... If you love camping you will love this neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love Mary Kay call me - Ruthie

Here is a fun look for you to ck out. If you love Mary Kay products --- Give me a call 1-315-439-7027 I ship all over the USA . I love their products!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ben from the bachelor

wasn't gonna watch this...but My mom and I always watch this together and I am addicted already! Gotta watch the Bachelor Monday nites do share your thoughts and insights here... GO GO BACHELOR!

Penny and Sheldon love in bloom

Sheldon and Penny love in bloom

I told you Davd Cassidy was sheldon

yep...there you see it... sheldon and David Cassidy.... they look alike...and the girls all love them. thoughts???

Sheldon and Penny fall in love

oh come on ..you know we all want them to fall in love but the question is will @BillPrody let it happen :) He may!


what are you a dog? You need to follow Sheldon's example and be thankful to the Lord...Only a dog eats his food without thanking God.. so be thankful :)

Sheldon sings deep in the heart of TEXAS

LOVE IT ... Here we see Sheldon singing Deep in the Heart of TEXAS... I am a born again Christian so I love it when he talks about God too ...

Sheldon sings deep in the heart of TEXAS

LOVE IT ... Here we see Sheldon singing Deep in the Heart of TEXAS... I am a born again Christian so I love it when he talks about God too ...

Sheldon singing I think I love you Big Bang

Girls screaming and crying over heart throb David Cassidy.... The funny thing is I think David looks a LOT like Sheldon on Big Bang what do you think? Bazinga

BAZING Sheldon is David Cassidy

BAhhhhh Zinng.... Okay all of us older girls know that Sheldon looks just like David Cassidy... I will try to put some pics up. tell David to check this out and Jim Parson they gotta love it...

Veggie soup to help you lose

more help for those wanting to lose weight... It is easier to lose weight if you have friends to help you.

Lose weight with me please please

okay .... here I am alone all nite while my hubby is working so what better way to catch up on stuff in the house while he is gone...so it is 8:30 pm and I am cooking supper for when he comes home at 11 pm... all said...

It is time for ME to lose weight. I used to work at Weight Watchers in East Syracuse, New York in the office doing payroll. I weighed I was 21 and weighed 100 lbs dripping wet and NEVER had been on weight watchers...well, needless to say now I am 49 and I need to do the program... it is sooo hard with my busy schedule so online I go... Join me and let's all help each other get down to the weight we should be. I mastered the extreme couponing thing http://www.youtube.com/user/RuthiesCouponChannel so I am sure I can master this weight watcher plan...so come on let's get skinny together... it's all about enjoying my life now...the rule of Ruthie's Kingdom (my kingdom God has planned out for me...HE is the KING OF KINGS YOU KNOW)

My tiger is clapping

Wow, those that know me well are going to do the tiger clap .... Maybe tonight and in this blog from time to time I am going to bear a little of my soul to you. I suppose that is trully why through the years I have been blessed with some friendships that go down to the soul as well. You know who you are... Those of us that have cried and laughed together on the phone, on the net and in person. Why would you do a tiger clap for me? Well, I am realizing what really matters and what is bogus what I call WT ... waste of time... I am in sales and one of my statements is Where are you going to be 10 years from now? And now I ask myself that as well? I have had my time to shine ...and striving and pushing hard with integrity to go to places that some just wouldn't put the time in... most things you don't have to be the smartest rock in the box... you just have to be FAITHFUL ... really the key to greatness.. I was there 24/hours on twitter... I was there 24 hours with the ON button on with jobs , yadda yadda... and now... well.. I want to be there with softness and relaxing for those people I love and care about. Where do I want to be 10 years from now...20, 30... I don't want to be a AD .... I want to be a person... someone you can touch love and care for...someone you can hug, cry with ...ask for advice or vs/vs and to hang with those who are trully great and working on obtaining greatness...and in my opinion when it is all said and done...those are the people that want to be godly. Not pushing and shoving their way to the top and not caring who you hurt and lie to in the bargin...I know that many of my friends reading this...haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and keep reading my blogs and interacting with me... I know that you are opening up ... sometimes the pain in life just goes deep and there are may walls but let me share with you from time to time and meet others on this blog who will be like sweet peaceful water running over your soul. .. I have friends in the real world and some people I have met online... facebook friends who have prayed me through...and twitter friends who have held my hand... so tonight I just want to share with you... enjoy your life, be peaceful, do a good job ...but go for those things in life that really matter...stop and smell the roses... working too hard takes away the life of those that do it the Bible says and I refuse to do this ever again... a life vow so to speak. This is the first time in my life that I have been loved and wanted by a man.. my husband. I have to say it is bringing much renewed faith in God and man. I guess it takes years to make a masterpiece and God is doing a great work in my life.. It is a miracle all that God has done. My husband doesn't want me for my money, my beauty or something he can get off me... he wants me for me...and that is how I feel about him. This is bringing so much healing to me it is unbelievable. I am very fortunate that I have a beautiful family that loves God ...my sisters and brothers and (except for 2 that are on the outs ) but God is merciful you know..anyway... Life is good and I just wanted to share with you all.. to keep reading a little of a downer here but not really ...just breathing in... saying wow... I climbed the mountain I am at the top... I see what is behind me...and looking forward to a peaceful trip on the other side. Many blessings your way please subscribe and share this blog with a friend that would like to know what it is like to grow up from being a princess into a Queen and rule the day :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the trend is no retail all thrifting

are you vogue? Some of my friends wouldn' t be caught dead shopping retail... the fashion trend is totally thrifting... seeing who can put together the best outfits and treasure hunting for the best looks! I love thrifting. Are you a thriftologist?

Outfit Of The Day ans $110 savings

Okay... If you aren't doing the outfit of the day... YOU Need to join in the fun...I do these... and really need to start up my outfits of the day.,. last time I did VINTAGE outfit of the day and it was a riot! ...

Also join me as I try to save a million this year.. I saved today $110 - I will give you some running totals here soon on how much I saved so far...I also gave away about $200 worth of groceries
I was also given two huge bags of groceries from a friend...who knows I do this... I will donate some of this to shelter... all new in boxes...efferdent, etc.. so.... Join me in the fun... start saving and donate to families you know first and churches and shelters! So as you can see some coming in..and like a stream somecoming out...Join me in helping families as you help your own by saving a million!

ck out my Rainbow colored hair

Hey join me in the fun...and send me the videos of when you do your hair color! I say Everyone Go RED for Valentine's Day!

Okay all my friends are watching the Bachelor

This season Bachelor ...my mom and I watch this together .... who do you think will win???

Monday, January 16, 2012

I extreme coupon

Everyone at work has been sick, I work at Barbara Jeans Furniture Mall in North Rose... this morning I don't feel so great...but it may be from a empty tummy...been up since before 5 drank a slim fast as I am trying to loose weight.. and of course I got a bunch with last week's b1g1 deal....

I haven't shopped CVS yet because I am new in my area and haven't gone that far yet.. so I definitely want to add them to my list of stores I shop...and I do shop a lot of stores..so do tell what great deals are you getting at CVS.

I have tons of blogs for a variety of reasons...but for a season I am going to try to meet up with all those who are trying to connect with me here on this blog so please do leave a comment even if it is just hey Ruthie what is your phone number... this blog is all about my little kingdom...or world so please subscribe and tweet and facebook this blog out as I am always striving to grow my following.
God bless

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I aint no princess I am a queen

Well, this blog is going to say a lot to you and I hope I share some great content with you. One thing I finally got is I was never born to be a princess but a queen! All this time I had it so so wrong. I was behaving much like the ugly duckling wondering why things were just so messed up...and then one day I graduated into being a Queen. I realized that even though I started out being a princess I was meant to grow into being a Queen much like Queen Esther and ruling the day. I hope you enjoy this blog and learn to rule your own kingdom as the good book, The Bible says. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He reigns over Kings and He reigns over me. Please subscribe to this blog and share this with your friends. I am a bit of a comedian and yet I can be so serious so I hope you gain some great insight into life, hey I am one year away from being 50 so I guess this is my time to share with the world all that really matters.